Do you still have arts or crafts project you made when you were a child? Do you have kids who keep churning out dubious works of "art"? Want all that bullshit commemorated on this site? Send it to me for consideration, but only if you have permission to use the art, or created it yourself. I will use my expertise to judge your work:

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Arts, crafts, homework, science projects, greeting cards, apology letters, sculptures, yearbook messages, food they've cooked and I'll even grade a picture of your kid. I'll also occasionally post assignments on the Facebook group as well. Just make sure you have the rights to the images you submit.

File specifications:

  • Scanning: the higher quality the artwork is, the better the print will show up.
  • If the artwork is too big for your scanner, or it's an object you can't scan, take a high quality picture with a neutral background (something that isn't too distracting), and without glare.
  • If you don't have access to a printer or a scanner, you may send physical copies to the address below:

Or send by email:

Make sure to include the name & age of the child, and whether or not you want it changed. Or if you're old school, you may submit a physical copy of your material to:

HOLLYWOOD CA 90028-6206

Due to the volume of submissions received, it's not possible for the material to be returned. If you absolutely need the material back, contact me and I may make an exception if you have a good reason.

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