I am Maddox, a computer programmer, writer and author. I can spell, draw, and do math better than your kids, so I've taken the liberty to judge work done by children. I'll be assigning a grade of A through F for each piece:
This is from a game Tomek and his friends play called "1000 Blank White Cards" where they draw their own cards and there's no real purpose to the game. Zzzzzz.

Tomek took the liberty to criticize my work and this website, so I took the liberty to criticize his.

Apparently Tomek's maturity level is that of a 3-year-old, because he felt it necessary to censor the word "ass." His poorly drawn depiction of a man with skeleton arms is bent over with an arrow pointing to his rear, in case you couldn't infer what Tomek meant by "in the a**." To be fair, there might be some confusion because he used asterisks like a fucking church girl.

The poor drawing aside, what's most disturbing about this card is the subtle implied homophobia. Why would "any cards referring to butts" automatically deduct 800 points?

Good one Tomek! Do the laughs ever start?


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