I can spell, draw, and do math better than your kids, so I've taken the liberty to judge work done by children. New updates every week.
Kit, age 4
Move over, Angry Birds. It's time for Angry Bros. Just like the real thing, except for the lazy eyes, oblong heads and the third eye on the red bird.
Abe, age 11
This paper will come to be known as the greatest example of irony throughout all of eternity.
Tristan, age 6
Dear Tristan,

Glad you enjoyed the nootll soup and icecream, but the meat was for your mother.

Sincerely, Dad

Joshua, age 8
You scrawled "FEDx" partly on the fuselage and partly on the wing, as your dad hangs outside the cockpit window while the engines are on fire. And just when I thought I'd seen all the stupid little surprises your drawing could yield, I notice that you drew passengers on a FedEx flight.
JJ, age 7
Oh no, here comes the giant snake eating your mean old mom who made you clean your room. Grow up.

Also, if your mom is evil, wouldn't the snake be doing you a favor by eating her? Why's the snake evil? Snakes don't eat because they hate you, they eat because they're hungry.


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