I can spell, draw, and do math better than your kids, so I've taken the liberty to judge work done by children. New updates every week.
Dan, age 5
Oh nothing, just a family of ducks on their way to SAURON.
Marcotonio, age 7
Street Fighter 2 has some of the most endearing characters in videogame history, and looking at this drawing is like taking a walk down memory lane. Who could forget such classic Street Fighter 2 characters as RONDA and DALSIN? And my personal favorite, CHON.LI. This is exactly how I remember the game:

Ever heard of Google, dipshit? Wikipedia? Anything?

Justin, age 7
Dear Justin,

Thank you for your drawing of my son, the savior, Jesus Christ. While I appreciate your attention to detail with his areola and hairy chest, Jesus was not, in fact, an effeminate transgendered man.

I hope your drawings improve, though considering that I made you without a modicum of talent or ability, that's unlikely.



William, age 3
No shit? Why wouldn't it be a bad time when you cried? And apparently you think your reader is an idiot, otherwise you wouldn't include a drawing of a frowny face in addition to your "descriptive" text.
Melissa, age 8
Great job capturing the feel of the movie, Melissa. It's like I'm right there. Truth be told, I made a promise to myself back in 1997 that I would never watch "Titanic;" still haven't.

So for all I know, Leonardo DiCaprio could have been teetering on the bow of a ship while the sun smiled effeminately on.

Cool sun though. Reminds me of cool tree:


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