I can spell, draw, and do math better than your kids, so I've taken the liberty to judge work done by children. New updates every week.
Brandon, age 15
Well, it's not finished, so I'm not sure why you'd turn this in.

I mean, what were you expecting? "Great wing, Brandon! Bravo! And you really nailed the shit out of that head. Then as if that wasn't enough, you even drew a neck! Talk about extra credit!"

Sam, age 6
I don't know what's more unusual: the black dad with 3 white kids, or the baby suspended from an invisible harness off the mom's left hip.

The pink boots are also noteworthy. Going out for a casual stroll with the family? Don't forget your giant thigh-high "fuck-me" boots.

Gavin, age 8
Say what you will about this book, but you won't get pregnant by reading it. It has that in common with "Twilight," based on the fatties I see lining up for the movies.
Josh, age 7
Sanic was the runner up to Sonic when Sega was deciding who should star in their game. They decided to go with Sonic, in spite of Sanic's noodly legs, flat feet, asymmetric arms and blue ski-mask.

Almost makes me forgive them for the disastrous 32X.

Amber, age 5
The assignment was to draw a leprechaun holding his pot. You drew a turtle with a red dildo in its mouth. If you turned this in at law school, you'd get disbarred for life.

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