I can spell, draw, and do math better than your kids, so I've taken the liberty to judge work done by children. New updates every week.
Angus, age 8
Hold on, fucko. You can't just write a subtly ominous statement like "we need to be concerned about rust" on a full sheet of line paper and not expect to raise some eyebrows.

Why? Are there some unseen threats coming from rust that we're not aware of? And if so, why didn't you expound upon them in detail? Do you enjoy making people shit themselves out of fear of death, dickhead?

Well here's a warning just for you, Angus: you need to be concerned about your grade:

Delton, age 16
Way to forget the knuckle hair, dumbass. Also, why isn't the flag pole connected at the bottom? Am I holding a pole or abstract, disjointed, 1-dimensional lines floating in space?

You also forgot the third star by my name. Burn in hell.

Kyla, age 8
This is egregiously boring. Although your drawing is so simple that it seems impossible to screw up, you somehow did. Twice. As evidenced by the eraser marks on the right ear and forehead. Shame on you.
William, age 3
If my kid gave this to me, he'd have a trip to the orphanage in the near future. It's shit like this... you see this crappy gift and then you read stories about "dumpster" babies and take pause, because for a moment—just the slightest moment—you think... "yeah, I get it."
Shawn, age 16
"Coming soon, James Cameron's Avatard."

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